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Contrary to popular belief,

"I love you" and "I’m sorry" are not bandaids.

Saying “I love you” in the middle of a fight does not negate the feelings that were hurt.

And “I’m sorry” means absolutely nothing without an active effort to not do that thing again.

Words can be bombs, but they can never be bandaids.

The History of the Middle East Conflict in 11 Minutes

There’s a lot of social media about the Middle East Conflict given that Israel has now decided to invade the Gaza Strip. I’m not the type of person who’s invested in politics, but I do hope that people out there learn about the history of the conflict, and the recent actions taken by both Israelis and Palestinians and their governing powers.

Although I’m in no particular position to takes sides, I am, however, only fully supportive of the human rights in which both Palestinians AND Israelis should have. My thoughts and prayers go out to the suffering, but not of those who continue this war of no means.

Each side has a different story to tell. Jews simply want a place of their own, having been condemned for decades and facing genocide in the 1940s. Palestinians simply want their homelands back, free from control, inequality and suppression.

Whose fault? Meh, I blame the so-called peacekeepers and the UN. It wasn’t right to strip individuals of their homeland for others. Land for refugees only resulted in making more refugees, but of a different ethnicity.
But hey, it was already done. Milk has been spilled. Just clean it up.


Instead we’ve got Palestine trying to get Israel out of the picture and out of the map, but they don’t have the resources to do so. Result? War. Deaths. On the other side, we’ve got Israel tired of Palestine bombing their “land”, that they’re willing to pull out their war machines just to make a point. Result? More war. More death.

But hey, there’s hundreds of videos, images, and different types of media out there to sway you to support either group. And honestly, I don’t want to hear the sappy death stories or the drama between citizens blaming other citizens when the people in control are the governing leaders. THEY decide and implement the change… and well… expect the people to follow. BUT stubborn angry people, will always be stubborn angry people.

If things were black and white:
I commend Israel in attempting to make peace with Palestine countless times according to history.
I think Palestine should get over the land divisions, make peace, establish a foundation for their current population and develop a nation that could eventually welcome its current refugees. Who knows? Maybe make a better compromise with Israel - minus the warfare. But is it ever that easy? Of course not.

So before we all become sympathetic for the Palestinians slaughtered by war tanks and bullets, they are not the only ones suffering amidst all this warfare and HAVE NOT BEEN. I’m just sayin’

Religion. Land. War. The ongoing cycle for centuries. Will it ever stop?

Overall, I think it’s better to be informed about world matters than by the subjected biases that social media can create. That’s really what I wanted to say, but I guess I wanted to put a little of my own two cents in.
I get it. Death by masses. Palestinians dying. Is it right? Of course not. Is any of this right? Hell no.

So, that’s just my opinion on the matter. If I’m misinformed, then by all means, please do correct any statement of fact I said above. But if you simply disagree, well, I just don’t really care. That’s your opinion.

….. Wow, This is what I do late at night.

Life comes in small packages. 😊 Say Hello to my little friend, Landon Kaito Jampasar. 👶🍼💕 #babycheeks #imanAUNTIE #baby #kai #inacocoon #tinyfingers #socute #ignoreme #lol

Life comes in small packages. 😊 Say Hello to my little friend, Landon Kaito Jampasar. 👶🍼💕 #babycheeks #imanAUNTIE #baby #kai #inacocoon #tinyfingers #socute #ignoreme #lol


I thought I’d share this really cool app with you guys. It’s by Spritz and its purpose is to help us read faster. In the 1st gif it is running just a bit above the average reading speed of 250 WPM. It jumps to 400 WPM in the 2nd gif and then an impressive 600 WPM in the last gif. This app would help students learn faster. It would also help kids with attention problems study better.

Anonymous asked
What's so bad about periods


  • Blood comes out of your vagina for anywhere from 3-7 days
  • That blood you lose can be around 4 tablespoons to a cup
  • a cup of blood, vaginal mucus, and endometrial tissue
  • You get cramps that will make you cry. You can vomit and/or pass out from them
  • You will get horrible mood swings
  • You get headaches
  • Backaches
  • Your breasts hurt so bad sometimes you can’t even touch them
  • You get acne everywhere
  • Your actual vagina could be sore
  • Your feel constantly tired
  • You have a constant fear of soaking through your pad/tampon
  • You can’t lay a certain way in bed
  • You take pill after pill and it still doesn’t help
  • You bloat and gain weight
  • You might have anemia (iron deficiency) which can not clot your blood causing so much blood loss it’ll be deadly
  • You never feel full
  • Everything irritates you
  • You will cry a lot
  • Once you get up in the morning, your center of gravity has shifted and all the blood settling in you during the night will now rush out of you causing you to clench your legs tightly to avoid leaking
  • You get made fun of for having a period ?////?/?/
  • You’re forced to go to school/work
  • You get told that you’re overreacting

but ya know, fixing your dick discreetly in public is bad too